Friday, June 29, 2012
I was trying to post to another blog, a group blog, but didn't remember how. Instead, I was reminded that I have this.

Zach has been in South Africa for a year now. I personally think that's long enough but the deal is 27 months.

Meantime, I knit those socks and wrote a something or other. Writing is great way to deal with feelings. The yarn is from Slackford Studios. It's lovely to look at and to work with. I will say that I ordered yarn from somewhere else recently and when I opened the plastic bag it came in, it smelled like a fart. Ewww.

Falling for genius

Problems summarily kicked from your path
As freshly marooned leaves in autumn's crisp.
Whether life's detours, words, logic or math,
I see you dissect, rebuild, brilliance kissed.

As Reason's doors swing open to your touch,
Ideas, loveliest things, wildly swarm.
I stand still in their midst, inhaling much,
Head up, outstretch'd arms, praising sacred storm.

Your breathtaking clarity and sweetness
Causes me focus, hungry eyes blinking.
Would I love you if not for your genius?
Oh, I would! I do! Love transcends thinking.

You .. halcyon inspiration, teacher,
Know the brain is the greatest arena.

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At July 07, 2012 2:53 PM, Blogger kath

Love this!